A limited collection of featured articles, press, interviews, and guest blogs:

Regular Columns:
Simon Tam on Huffington Post

American Express Business OPEN: How 6 College Dropouts Scored Real-World Success
Angry Asian Man: Angry Reader of the Week: Simon Tam
ASCAP Daily Playback: Sept. 19
Backstage Creative: What the 2012 Nielsen Social Media Report Means for Music Marketing
BBC World Review with Dan Damon: Feature/Interview (audio only)
Blue Global Media: The Walking Dead Marketing Guide to Killing it in 2013
Business Advantange, Vol 2, Issue 10: Traditional Marketing: Is There Still a Place?
CBS News/Money Watch: Weird Ways People Found Jobs
Entrepreneur on Fire: The Great Business Experiment: Kickstarter
Examiner: National Book Month Interview with Musician and Author Simon Tam
Fusion Music Marketing: How to be a Social Media Rockstar
Go Get Funding: Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas from Simon Tam
Holly’s Advice for B2C: Interview with Simon Tam, Organic Marketing
Horns Up Rocks: 4 Social Media Tips for Musicians of Any Caliber
Huffington Post Travel: Which American Cities Have the Worst Drivers?
Inspire Me Today: Profile of Simon Tam
I Still Over Heard: Learn How to Maximize Your Social Media Profile with Simon Tam
Kayla Calloway: 5 Questions with Marketer & Musician Simon Tam
MailerMailer: Email Marketing Trends: What You Can Expect in 2013 Communicating Romantically with Music
NPR/All Things Considered: The Slants: Trading in Stereotypes
NPR/Code Switch: What Did Your Parents Tell You About Race?
NPR/Code Switch: Asian-American Band Fights To Trademark Name ‘The Slants’
NPR/On The Media: The Case for Allowing “Offensive” Trademarks
Online Business Degree: Follow the Business Leader: @SimontheTam
Online MBA: Why Get an MBA? Business Professionals Answer in 140 Characters (or Less)
OPB Think Out Loud: Portland band “The Slants” Takes Trademark Case to Court
The Oregonian (front page): Rock Band Tells NFL Team to Butt Out of Trademark Case
q on CBC: Interview
Rescue a CEO: What is the Future of Marketing? Entrepreneurs Explain Future Marketing Trends
Social Media Strand: 19 Social Media Time Saver Tips
Song Facts: Middle Class Musicians
TED (featured discussion): Is Reappropriation an Effective Method of Social Change?
TIME Magazine: “The Slants” Suit: Asian-American Band Goes to Court Over Name
The Jazz Lawyer: What Does it Take to Break an Artist?
Top Blogged: Personal Branding for Bloggers
Travel & Leisure: [Cities with] America’s Worst Drivers
US News & World Report: Graduate Schools’ Political Leanings Concern Some Students
US News & World Report: Crowd Funding Tips for College Students
US News & World Report: 4 Questions to Ask During Student Loan Counseling
US News & World Report (Money): How to Land an Interview Using Social Media
Wall Street Journal/Smart Money: Will Volunteering Give Job-Seekers an Edge?
Wall Street Journal: Should You Take that Job Offer?
Work in Entertainment: Entertainment Industry Top 10 
Venture Harbour: 30 Pieces of Advance from Music Industry Entrepreneurs
VICE: An Asian-American Musician’s Five-Year Battle to Get His ‘Offensive’ Band Name Trademarked
Village Voice: Q&A on The Slants

American Express Business OPEN: Does Guerilla Marketing Still Work?
American Express Business OPEN: How to Use Social Media for Customer Service
Asian American Press: Operation Gratitude: The Slants bring APIA Rock to Sarajevo
Billboard: Rock Band The Slants Wins First Amendment Appeal
Empty Easel: 7 Tips for Viral Art Marketing on Facebook
Entreprenette Gazette: How to Build Fans on Facebook
Huffington Post: 62 Twitter Tips – in 140 Characters or Less
Huffington Post: 7 Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates
Hypebot/MTT: Making Fans in Unexpected Places
Hypebot/MTT: How to be a Social Media Rock Star
Hypebot/MTT: The Best Social Media Site
Inc. Magazine: 22 Hidden Features to Help You Get More Out of Twitter
JD Supra: THE SLANTS Trademark Registration Application
MailerMailer: Email Marketing in 2012: What the Experts Are Saying
Media Bistro: The Best Thing I Did for My Resume
Music 3.0: Social Media Listening Tools
Music Bud UK: How to Develop a Hardcore Fanbase
Music Marketing World: Are You Doing These 6 Things?
Portland Tribune: The Slants try again to get a trademark
The Oregonian: What’s in a name? Music: The Slants Fight Claims of Anti-Asian Racism to Trademark Their Name
Urbn Guerrilla: Branding and Target Audience, Success for The Slants

Guest Blogs/Articles:
8Asians: Slanted Process
Audio Korner: Why Buying Followers is a Bad Idea
Inspre Me Today: Inspiration in 500 Words or Less
KBOO Radio/APA Compass: My Angry APA Minute
Marylhurst University: The Death of the Telephone
Multnomah County Library: Raised by Librarians
Music News Nashville: How to Use Internet Trends to Market Your Brand
Oregonian: A New Slant on Racism
The Century Foundation: The Community College Experience
YomYomf: A Slanted View
YomYomf: How Appropriate is Re-Appropriation?

Other Mentions:
Marketing XLerator: The Best Social Media Platforms for B2B

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