Stanford University Recap

This past weekend, I lectured at Stanford University on the “Reclaiming of Words and Ideas.” Reclaiming cultural icons, symbols, language, and ideas (otherwise known as reappropriation) has something that has been occurring through nearly every social strata of human history for thousands of years. In recent decades, social justice activists have been using this tactic […]

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When Google Alerts Doesn’t Work

If you are responsible for brand monitoring, vanity searching (aka Googling yourself), or measuring social media temperament for your company, you’re probably using Google Alerts. If you aren’t, you should go and sign up for their notification system. It’s pretty good. If you have been using Google Alerts for a while though, you might notice that things […]

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How to Reach Out to a Diverse Audience Without Being Offensive

In the world of marketing and communication, the words ‘diversity,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘representation’ are often thrown around and emphasized but in a very superficial manner. Specialists will look at a catalog or commercial and suggest to include more people of color, nontraditional gender roles, or different body types. While all of these things are important, […]

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Upcoming Appearances

I’ve added a page for all of my upcoming lectures, panels, and performances. Here’s a quick preview of events on the horizon: January 19, 2014: Stanford, CA – Stanford University: Listen to the Silence conference January 31, 2014: Portland, OR: Portland Community College – The Dean Shirley Anderson Conference February 8, 2014: Philadelphia, PA: University […]

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