Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

A few weeks ago, I put my notice in at work with no set plans, no confirmed next step. I just knew that it was no longer my place. That night, I received affirmation by way of fortune cookie:

Some thoughts:

I realize how many of us end up in a trap.

We have been taught to accept the status quo. Everyday, we receive thousands of signals telling us to not challenge things. It is uncomfortable to do so. It might even be dangerous. We’re so used to the box that we’re kept in, we actually believe that the walls protect us. They’re not meant from keeping harm out – they’re meant to keep us in our place.

We name it society, tradition, or culture. It can appear in our community, our laws, our workplaces, our minds.

The first major barrier is the one we have constructed ourselves by implicitly agreeing to this environment. This is the safety of what is known. But these walls are false: it does not require a hammer to smash through – there is always a door.

Walking out the door would change environment. Yet, it is fear of the unknown that keeps us from doing so. We are taught, “it is better to fight a known enemy than an unknown one.” But we often don’t fight at all because we believe safety (the status quo) is good. We forget, “good is the enemy of great.” Remember, evil triumphs when the good do nothing. Who are the walls truly keeping safe? Norms, not you.

Did you know that trees never stop growing? The day a tree stops growing is the day it dies.

Think about the world you truly want: what boxes do you need to step out of so you can grow your way there? Never stop growing.


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